Beginner's guide to faux calligraphy.

faux calligraphy

Wonder, How you can rock all your projects and notes? it can be with your writing style. Faux calligraphy can be learnt by anyone and you don’t need anything special to practice can use this calligraphy to decorate your project or notes headings .

The Pen

The best part of this calligraphy is that you don’t have to have anything fancy calligraphy pens, a simple ball or gel pen will do wonders.

The dots

Do you remember writing alphabets by connecting dots in kindergarten?

faux calligraphy is that simple!!! but,with a little twist!

Since you now know how to write alphabets ,you are supposed to adjust all the alphabets between 4 dots (forming a square)


some alphabets may require 2 or 6 dots but thats fine!!!

(PS:Make sure 2 lines of one alphabets are not joining each other.(Its fine if they cut the other line at a single point)

now that you’re done with fitting all the alphabets within 4 dots lets move to the next step:

The highlights

Observe the way you are writing your alphabets some lines are going in the downward direction aka ‘downstrokes’ and some lines will be going in the upward direction aka ‘upstroke’.To get the calligraphy effect you are supposed to highlight all the downstrokes

The words

Now you are free to join the faux calligraphy alphabets to make words. In this you don’t have to worry about the placing of the words in a fixed line .Go ahead and drag the word’s alphabets sideways, upwards and downwards however you want them to be.

make sure to watch this short tutorial to see a demo of what we've been talking above.....

‘Practice always makes you perfect’

same with calligraphy The more you practice the better you get at it!!!

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