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MAKE TIME - book review



“Make time” is one of the most addictive productivity book I’ve ever read. I was able to finish the book in exactly two days which is so cool!


So lemme tell you something about this awesome book.

It deals with the modern day problems from Working people to all those who face a hard time taking out time out of their “busy” schedule for themselves.

The book is written by two ex google employees, Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky (JZ), these guys have managed to do a very fine work with trying and testing all the different productivity techniques and then bringing them all together in this book for us to benefit.

BUSY BANDWAGONS are basically our daily tasks on our To - do lists

And the INFINITY POOLS or our toys, that is social media, news, emails etc. In a nutshell our go - to spot whenever we have a little spare time in hand and end up wasting time along with with getting more stressed.

The book talks about making just one highlight task for each day and making it a priority to complete the task on that day itself.

According to the book there are four stages in order to Make Time


‘We spend months and years without remembering what special happened on any normal day but if we start assigning one highlight to each day we might make the days rememberable’

Choose your highlight - Which means every night or whenever one gets time, think of a task that doesn’t makes it to our to-do lists but its important enough to make it as your day highlight.

For example- spending time with your children , making dinner for the family or maybe start writing the book you’ve always thought to write

Make time for your highlight - It includes many ideas we can do to make time in our busy days, such as calendar blocking, saying no, becoming a morning person and many more