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why ever since i started traveling i never want to stop...

Hello guyssss! how are youuu?

Just curious do you love traveling, exploring new places and meeting new people just like me? if you do then, do you remember when exactly you found out about this? Do you remember when was your 'This. Yes, this is it for me.' moment? Or are you still in the process of figuring it out? well then take your time.

I always felt like ever since i planned my first trip was the time when i knew i wanted to do more of this but very recently one of my cousins told me that she always knew i love traveling because whenever we used to be traveling together when we were little, I was always the kid in the group who used to start making plans for the next trip. Hahahah! yeahh that's true i was that kid and i think i still am. I am the planning nerd.

A little background about my traveling life - Well so my father owns a travel company and he himself loves to travel, so naturally before i could understand and have a memory of my own i had already traveled enough! So i think my passion for travelling comes from up there! (if that is possible XD) But there's a slight difference in my travel style back then vs. Now.

The trips with my family back then used to be all luxurious and lavish. 5 Star hotels, Airplanes, private cabs, suitcases, good food, swimming pools, private beaches and not to mention the complimentary hotel breakfast buffets.

Now, when I travel by my own its more like hostels, homestays, buses, hitchhiking, random strangers, public transports, bag-packs, brunches, sunrises, moon and star gazing, trekking, waterfalls, not having any set agendas, tiny budgets.

Well i can romanticise both the styles of travelling to their highest extent so don't ask me to choose please. I can't

But yes I do feel like when it comes to traveling in your 20s one should chose the not so luxurious way. There alot of differences between both the styles, I feel like in the second style of travelling, I am able to 'explore' the place like a localite rather than being all touristy. I get to meet new people and their interesting stories (ps: Tbh thats the best part), i get to be responsible for my own money and other belonging along with my safety (some things which you don't get to learn much about when you are brought up in an Indian household cuz they are pretty good at taking care of these things for you!)

In the past 1 year, i have taken about 8 trips, some with my friends, some with a random group some with my office colleagues and every single trip and helped me define myself and shaped my personality further in some or the other way.

Whereas the traveling luxuriously, according to me should be done when we at a more stable place in our life. Say in your 30s or 40s.

A lot of poeple don't travel often as they think it costs alot but actually it doesn't. you just need to put in the effort and time to find how to do it the cheap way. For example switch your hotel stay with 6k per night to hostel dorms with just 600 per night. How cool is that!!

I believe everybody in their 20s should do go for a trip atleast once which they have planned and is under their own means. Trust me you will either love it and will never want to stop, as you'll keep losing yourself in each of those places for good and you'll think you'll stop but you won't be able to

Or, you'll just hate it. Period.

But to know yourself you will have to leave and there is no way around that... take out time, go on a weekend trip, take a leave, with a friend, with a group, solo whatever works, all i can tell you is that you don't want to miss this thing in your life especially in your 20s and i promise you are not going to regret it!

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