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Candy Stripes
I am currently studying in college in New Delhi, India and I have very lovingly worked to make this website of mine to share/document everything that relates to me!
If you find any connection feel free to connect through Instagram or by Mail
I am very creative as a person and keep trying new things. I love reading books particularly productivity and self-help kinds and I will keep blogging about their reviews and my recommendations
I also have a little shop in case anyone of you finds my work interesting...
Hi there,
Ever since my i learned how to hold a pencil i have been eagerly creative about things like painting, crafting, illustrations and soo much more.
I am a  self taught artist and a graphic designer!!!
I am a huge sucker for innovative art pieces be it self painted or digital.
I have made this website to share my work with you guys... hope you'll enjoy!
                 Lets connect.......
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